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  1. Introduction

    mtfptd is an ftp server.
    This is in the first stages of development.
    The main objective is to obtain a full featured ftp server with the best performance.
    To do this I'm styding varius models. This program is under GPL licence.
  2. Requirements

    It can run in a POSIX environment, but it's tested on systems:
    System Version CPU
    linux slackware 9 i686
    netbsd 1.5.2 mc68030
    freebsd 4.5 i686
    solaris 8 Sparc
  3. Install

    You can download the source code from
    To install it execute the commands:
    tar xfz mtftpd-x.y.z.tar.gz
    cd mtftpd-x.y.z
    make install
    You can see the compiler options with the commands:
    ./configure --help
  4. Contact

    To any problem or suggestion:
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